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[sticky post] Welcome to flyingf1sh

Grettings, visitor. You have entered flyingf1sh, a mostly Arashi fandom community.
This was opened and is owned by aishizuki and jaricchi.

We currently have a couple of videos and a handful of fanfiction. If you know what you want, our stuff is piled here~

For newcomers and those interested to join, please read the following rules:
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For any inquiries, please contact me (lorchenne). Enjoy your time here and let us know if you have any requests for stories and videos!

This post is updated monthly by Maintainer Mie. Last update on: 02 September 2016

[01/01] Lucid Memories

TITLE: Lucid Memories
AUTHOR: jaricchi
PAIRING: Yama; AiBecky; Arashi Friendship
GENRE: Angst / Tragedy / Psychological
TYPE: One Shot
SUMMARY: Arashi was an idol band under J.E. MatsuJun knew that. He had a moment of weakness when Johnny disbanded them when Yama came out. So Johnny put him here, in this shit hole where he barely sees any of his other members. So why was Aiba telling him that those memories weren't real? It had to be be real. If it weren't, Jun wasn't sure he'd want to exist.

He was trapped in his lucid memories; where he didn't quite know which reality to believe.Collapse )

{ mod } Update: 11. 07 .16

Greetings, Flying Fishes.

First off, let's do our fin-flap for our new fishes! yunoyunodesu, cnup, lilin_kecil, nidesux, nishkido, southview, meileigh welcome aboard! Or should I say overboard...? Since we're "fishes"? Um. Yeah, welcome!

Mark your calendars for Megu's birthday on the 11th! Happy birthday jaricchi!

That aside, I have good news for those who are collecting Arashi's studio albums/singles! I've finished compiling them and will be sharing them soon. I did miss a song or two, though. If you've got leads on which ones are missing, give me a heads-up. Also, my sister and I will be sharing the color-coded lyrics as soon as I figure out how to paste in LJ without the auto-format.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
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Greetings, Flying Fishes.

First off, kudos to you if you know the title's reference.

But before I go into detail, it's been another month guys! Let's welcome our newest fishes: christseett, mariposa_chan, tapsilogue, yoru_no_hikaru, lexisegovia, ai_natsu, annahayashi! Flap your fins, folks!

Going back to the title, both owners of this comm won't be around until further notice. That leaves just me and you guys for now, hope you guys don't mind. Truth be told, Miyu is active in Kpop fandom now and Megu is putting her life in order. I'm still (and probably always will be) the same Arashi trash so I'll work hard to really finish the uploads I promised months ago (I haven't forgotten!). Megu has new works but it may take a while before she encodes and uploads them.

Speaking of, I'm actually nearly done. I'll put them up without the lyrics one by one; I've had them tested through my phone. The metadata works nicely on Android, VLC, Groove Music and Windows Media Player but sometimes the album arts get mixed up and I still can't figure out why. If you're sensitive about metadata and arrangements, this works just fine!

If you're looking for new videos, we still don't have any. I'm very sorry about this. If you're looking for fanfiction, I have some in my journal but it's nowhere near Megu's stuff, don't expect too much. I'll see if I can upload the albums soon.

Thank you for staying with us!

-Maintainer Mie
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{ mod } Update: 7.19.16 Where are the mods?

Greetings, Flying Fishes.

As is tradition now, flap your fins for our newest fishes: ginger001, maggiezw98, monikajb, shizoka_sota, sweetmaryz, taniamarsha, vicco_vicky! Welcome aboard and enjoy swimming around with us!

Now, I'll be completely honest. I've been talking about coming updates and whatnot. They're still not around, I know. I'm not pulling your leg, though. A month ago, I uploaded OST tracks in my journal but that made things a little difficult for those who wanted a copy. From that point, I gathered the tracks and I will be posting them here soon. It's the upload part that's taking time. It's really mostly because I want you guys to see a finished product by the time the links are up. I'm working hard to complete everything before posting so it will be a lot less trouble for you too. :)

By the time the links are ready, you'll get a convenient masterlist for them.

Now to answer the question, aishizuki is still on hiatus. Me and jaricchi are adjusting to a new work schedule on a new company, that's why our updates have been slow as molasses. We still do drop by so don't hesitate to PM me your concerns.

-Maintainer Mie
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Hello there!

flyingf1sh is an all-around community maintained by a pair of insanely awesome best friends, Miyuki and Jari.

Fandom is mainly Arashi, though you may find other fandoms here sometimes, such as Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS and KAT-TUN. ;)

NC17-rated fics and any subbed videos (by Miyuki) are locked but community membership is open! Just check this harmlessly self-centered link! ♥
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